Cultural Arts:  Every culture is steeped in music, dance, and storytelling.  Before ‘performances’ charged ticket prices, communities created their own entertainment as well as shared their social expectations, morals, rules and histories.  Returning to  community based  entertainment not only strengthens bonds, but creates tolerance amid diversity.

General Interest:  Ever think about bird watching?   Storytelling or stamp collecting?   Astronomy or a history lecture?  If you are interested in something that is not a heritage class, let us know!  We’ll be gathering instructors and offering lots of ideas for a new hobby or just plain curiosity!!

Heritage Trade Skills:  Blacksmithing is just one ‘trade’ that was necessary in the historic past!  Working with hands and tools, trades such as blacksmithing, tinsmithing, adobe making, saddle making and many others were part of everyday life and survival.  Come learn to work with the elements and skilled craftsmen to step back in time!

Sustainable Living:  Soil based learning!  Historically all food was “homegrown” or at least locally produced.  Returning to backyard gardening, home created food choices, locally generated products and the skills to feed ourselves will not only grow food for healthier life styles, but grow awareness and community.

Traditional Crafts:  Before box stores, survival meant creating every thing you needed yourself.  Once your survival was taken care of, often these items became ‘artful’ as well as useful. Traditional crafts teach history as well as creativity and artistic design and open up ‘old ways’ to see a ‘new world’.

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