Canceled – Relief Printmaking

Dates:  February 10-14, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day

Cost: $230 includes materials

Call Donna Haddow to sign up: 719-846-5724  or

Location:  Berg 401 M-Th with a trip to the instructor’s studio on the last day

This workshop will offer an introduction to the wonderful tools and techniques of the age-old art of block printing. The workshop will teach basic relief printing techniques including creating an image, cutting the image into a block and creating prints with a hand printing technique. Students will work together and receive one-on-one input from the instructor throughout the workshop. Participants will further their understanding of reductive methods in printmaking, and in ways to plan relief images to maximize their success. Their appreciation and understanding of the value of creating artwork will be deepened, and they will come away with prints of their own, and also perhaps, of each others work.

Amanda Palmer

Instructor Amanda Palmer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art with an emphasis Printmaking from San Francisco State University in San Franscisco, California. Her studies also included art history, sculpture, visual arts, environmental art, American Indian Studies. She completed an internship in the Art Department of Mother Jones Magazine and an internship in etching and lithography with Hines Editions, Limestone Press in San Francisco.  Amanda is the owner of Tabula Rasa Studio in Trinidad, Colorado.