Leather Carving for Beginners (canceled)

Leather Carving for Beginners – This class is canceled
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a one hour lunch break, June 17-21, 2019
Continuing Ed Only – not for college credit

In this beginners’ course, students will learn to build skills and refine techniques in the art of leather carving. Emphasis will be placed on the traditional methods to carve Sheridan-style patterns. At the beginning of the class, students will practice on a variety of test swatches and then advance to a main project of their choice.
Throughout this course we will cover the following:
 Pattern making and basic floral design
 Casing leather to prepare for tooling
 Transferring graphic designs to leather
 Mastering the swivel knife
 Handling the tools to stamp, emboss and carve
 Basket and geometric stamping
 Finishing your leather by dying, oiling and antiquing

Each student will be given the opportunity to experiment with different designs and tools to define their own artistic potentials. Students may bring personal items to embellish for their custom carved leather project.
Kindra Jorgenson’s love for leather craft began when she apprenticed with her grandfather, Bob Calkins.  Kindra specializes in custom carved holsters but also enjoys embellishing items with one-of-a-kind tooled leather pieces. Her passion for leather work grew into a small business, Pistols and Prayers Leatherwork. Kindra’s passions, aside from leather work, include spending time with her young daughter and family, woodworking, photography, horseback riding, shooting, hunting, and camping.
Kindra Jorgenson 505-929-4080 or pistolsandprayersleatherwork@gmail.com

Tool List
 12”x12” Granite Slab (Minimum 1” thick)
 Swivel Knife
 Leather Strop
 Mallet
 Jeweler’s Rouge
 #2 Edger
 Metal Ruler
 Water spray bottle  Stamps Include (Barry King Tool kit suggested): Basket Stamp Checkered Bevelers Bargrounders Flower Center Center Shader Leaf Liner Mule Foot Horizontal Thumbprint Lined Veiner Lined and Scalloped Veiner Scalloped Camouflage