Introductory Hand Engraving

Introductory Hand Engraving
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a one hour lunch break, June 10-14, 2019
$380 or 3 credit hours
**Note** In order for this course to meet the requirements for the Gunsmithing Arts Certificate, classes will run longer each day. Students should report for orientation at 8 a.m. Monday morning. Dr. Pierson will discuss extended class time at the beginning of the course.
(This course counts toward the Gunsmithing Fine Arts Certificate)

Dr. Michael J. PiersonThis course covers basic concepts and skills related to hammer and chisel engraving. Special emphasis will be placed on tool sharpening, pattern theory, designing, transferring, and cutting patterns.

Dr. Michael J. Pierson has been an academic administrator and taught technical subjects in a university setting for over 35 years. He has been engraving for 24 years, was trained by Frank Hendricks, and is a member of the Firearms Engraver’s Guild of America. He is proficient with both the hammer and chisel and pneumatic engraving techniques and a wide variety scroll patterns.

(Please keep in mind that the tools suggested for each class are the minimum tools you should bring. Please feel free to bring any additional tools you feel you may need)


Required tools and supplies:
1. Chasing hammer, 1-1/8″ face from NGraver or GRS
2. Four 3/32” carbalt XD blanks from Lindsay
3. #7, #12, #20 straight liners in standard width from NGraver or #18-10 and #24-10 straight liners from GRS
4. Steel ruler, 6 inch
5. Dividers
6. Scribe
7. Ellipse template #20750 from Drafting Steals
8. Circle template #20724 from Drafting Steals
9. Stabilio # 8008 pencilfrom Amazon
10. Curved burnisher from Amazon
11. Dot punch set, No. 1, 2, 3 from NGraver or beading tool #10, #15, and #22 from GRS
12. Optivisor, #3 lens from GRS
13. Talcum powder
14. Clear packaging tape
15. Money clip, nickel silver spring tempered from Ngraver
16. One tube of oil based black etching ink from Faust or Eckersleys
17. Stainless tool holder for 3/32” graver blanks from Lindsay
18. Wet/dry silicon carbide sandpaper (220,320, & 400 grit)
19. Palm push adjustable length graver from Lindsay
20. 3/16” brass punch from MSC
21. 3/16” steel punch from MSC
22. Carbide bur set #004-511 from GRS

Contact information for tool and supply sources:
GRS Tools Ngraver Company
Lindsay Engraving
Rudolph Faust, Inc.
Eckersley’s Arts and Crafts
MSC Industrial Supply