Resin Jewelry

Making Resin Jewelry: October 23,  6:00 – 8:00 p.m.  $30

Piece of jewelry made with resin

Piece of jewelry made with resin

Jewelry Instructor Ily S. Reiling

In this workshop each student will create two pieces of resin jewelry. Students will learn techniques such as setting, metal drilling, cutting and filing along with the basics of resin works. This beginner’s technique has great results and can be reproduced at home after the basics are mastered! If you are interested in encapsulating a picture or item of personal significance, please contact Donna Haddow at 846-5724 to put you in contact with the instructor about dimensions.

Class will be taught on the Trinidad Campus of Trinidad State Junior College.

For more information or to register call Donna Haddow at 719 846-5724 or